The Troops of St. George are a Catholic apostolate focused on the formation of Holy Catholic fathers and sons. Troop 77—The Magnanimous 77th is a founding chapter of the Troops of St. George and is based here in North Texas at St. Mark the Evangelist Parish. We camp once a month and meet to work on spiritual, physical, patriotic, family and manly skills. If you are looking for a brotherhood of fathers and sons on which to learn, live, teach and experience the Catholic faith in all its fullness—while enjoying the outdoors—come join us!

Mission Statement

The Troops of Saint George apostolate aims to use the outdoors as our canvas and the sacraments as our path to light the way for the formation of Holy Catholic men and boys. Whether called to the vocation of the priesthood, the religious life, or that of Holy fatherhood, our fathers and sons will take a prayerful pilgrimage together to fulfill Christ’s desire for them to grow in virtue and in their Holy Catholic faith as they journey toward heaven.

Saint George Law

The TSG Law was written by Saint Peter, our first Pope:

  • Honor all men.
  • Love the brotherhood.
  • Fear God.
  • Honor the king. (1 Peter 2:17)

TSG Motto: Parati Semper

The motto of the Troops of Saint George is “Parati Semper” which also comes from Saint Peter, our first Pope.